Monday, March 1, 2021

Thrift store finds

MC2 doll Adrienne, she's really pretty. I think I'm going to sell her. She looks  Like a cross between a LIV doll and a MOXIE girl.

These 2 fashionistas...a curvy and a tall, excellent condition and dressed. Wow😳

and some cute Barbie fashions, and my first pair of Ken socks😁

Mr Coffee mini coffee maker magnet. But it's a good size☕

This Belle is so pretty I let her model this outfit.

and these two just look great together. The Ken suit is made of weird rip stop type material and is short in the arms and pant legs. But we made it work😎


Sunday, February 28, 2021

Time to clear away old projects-Last one-Still looking for my Alice

So I tried a LIV doll, but didn't really feel like Alice to me. And the MOXIE girl was too short....

"off with her head"

but her neck hole was really too small, and the LIV neck was too long

so i sanded it out a little,

and cut open the back of her head so that I could fill it with E6000 and hopefully keep it in place.

she's a good height and can wear the dress I made years ago for my LIV "Alice", but I still don't think she's my Alice

maybe If I make her a black dress and plait  her hair, she can be my Wednesday. Probably Tuesday at best...I don't know right now.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Time to clear away old projects-Part 2- Doll neck repair

I found the whole set of High School Musical dolls (original cast) at the thrift years ago and didn't know who they were. So I just folded them into the collection, and put the girls with "Skipper" and the babysitters. Then I started selling off my dolls on MERCARI. But "Chads" neck was broken when I found him, so he was always set aside for safe keeping. I was in the process of fixing him when I sold the others, and kind of forgot he was part of the set. Cute brown boys are hard to I'll just keep him...I think...for now😁

hot glue is rarely a good idea for plastic. His neck was actually missing the anchor portion.

So I built out a peg made of foil and used as much E6000 as it would take, and put him aside to cure.
masking tape is my friend👍
Chad looks pretty good, but of course he can't turn his head.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Time to clear away old projects that didn't work out or I just never finished-Part 1 "The Library"

I started making books last September

My goal was to make at least 100 close, 77. But I love making tiny books so the goal is still in reach.👍

Painted a chest to hold special books and letters and such

This "library" had been in this shoebox for along time. So it really needed an update

This plant was so easy to make and added "life" to the space, but not enough to save it.

these candles are melted crayons. Great idea, not mines-YouTube😁

This chest is my favorite part, since it has a secret compartment in the bottom:-D

The bookcase was surprisingly level and able to stand on it's own once I carefully removed it from the box. I have an odd collection of windows as well. Some of my older dioramas just don't stand the text of time. live and learn😎  

Hopefully I'll be motivated to actually rebuild her sanctuary-Primrose needs her library😊


Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Fun with Spray Paint-My Fancy Life/Gloria Dining Room Set

I learned my lesson last time, paint first...then assemble😂

the scale is a little off...but it looks so pretty💗

I think I'll paint the stemware gold, and make more white and gold dinner plates💐