Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Thrift Store Doll Furniture

Barbie Fashion Fever 2005/2006

Barbie Fashion Fever 2005/2006 this was a really cute line.

Wooden doll furniture put out by TOYS R US around the same time

The scale is off. It's probably for 9-10 in dolls, like LORI or LOL


Dollar Tree crafting #myfroggystufffanpics

Tim Holtz miniature candle holders and cut down celebration candles from the Dollar Tree🌴 
This Mulan Disney doll has the animation face, so she looked right at home in this cartoon setting.
I was really curious about this "foldout "room from the Dollar Tree. Mostly to see the scale and if any of it could be used for templates in dioramas. But, just as I figured, the scale was off and nothing was going to be useful to me. But my granddaughter will love it since it folds flat, and still is cute.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Fun with Fashionista-body swap

Finally gave her a mtm body😍

but those neck pegs almost killed me😥

just some skin tone comparisons

both bodies were a good leg match

but her face is made of a more rubbery material, so it is a little darker than her body.

but "green tie dye" works. One tip that was shared with me, after the fact, is to remove those side wings on the neck peg, so that the body can be shared more easily. time🤓

Fashionista model#3/Karl face I have 6...she one of my very favorites

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Walmart #minihaul #barbiefashionista

#143 was a little over $5...I don't remember her from last year, but "mold 3/karl" is one of my favorite face molds💕 

And the fashion packs were cute😍


Friday, August 20, 2021

Back to school☀🚌😁

Miss Bloom was surprised at how many new faces are in her small room.

"you know I need a bigger room...hello?"

I couldn't give her a bigger room, but Ms. Jodie has joined the team...Yeah🎉