Sunday, April 25, 2010

Check this out.

Have you ever thought of not shopping for new clothes? Of making, or restyling clothes that you have already or got from the thrift? Well this woman lives her life that way and started a blog to share w/others. I'm going to try it for 2 months; which sould be easy enough since I don't really buy clothes anyway-lots of reasons...long story:-). But this is exciting since I sew all the time, work in a fabric store and love making strange garments any way.One day I'll show you my recycled workout t-shirts-the 80's rule:-)


  1. The 80's rule cause that was when I was born! I can't wait to see the new project take flight! YAY NYKI!!!

  2. Also, I LOOOOVE seeing "No longer available" next to those pictures! Stuff is flying off the shelves! I better put my order in QUICK!

  3. thank you. i'm going to find some hustle:-)