Friday, August 13, 2010

Hand Embroidery

This pink butterfly is for my daughter,she actually asked for it in pink.
While I was not sewing, I worked on a few pieces of hand work. I do it to relax and I like the simplicity. Obviously I'm not the best, but I do what I like:-)
In the mean time, I'm working on an asian themed quilt for my youngest out of an assortment of brocades-beautiful fabric, but a challenge to work with. And two anniversary gifts-wall hangings I think:-) But who knows what they will turn out to be.
Also I have some back ordered baby quilts, and a ton of stuff for my mom. So my arm better get ready:-)


  1. I can't really help in production, but I can help with the crackin' of the whip to make sure you stay busy! Also, did I tell you that your motivation must have motivated me through the ether, cause I got my game deployed! I smell another contest brewing...

  2. well, mr., bring it on.
    thanks again