Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Redesign Time

My 4 year old grand-daughter is my best, and only,product tester. And with her help I have discovered a couple of design flaws. Children have never dressed other children. So making a top that goes over the head, just doesn't work very well. She dresses her babies "legs first". So every thing has to open down the back, at least to the hip or so. And she loves matching pieces. So my design cap has be on tight to come up w/enough accessories etc. to really mix it up. I was thinking just of "outfits"-dress,slip, shoes, and maybe a hat. But purses, get the picture. Ah the wisdom of a 4 year old.


  1. I never would have though to have a kid help you design clothes that a KID would use! Some kind of diabolical genius you are... PLUS, I'm glad to see my niece helping in the design process! Thanks Angela for setting the bar ridiculously high with these babies!

  2. wow i had missed all of these comments:-)

    i'm just glad that you visit my little exercise in futility.;-}