Friday, April 8, 2011

And we have a new friend...

I found her in the the AVON catalog at a clearance price. I think because she is from last season.-notice the winter clothing and the oh,so cute boots.. Also they had a really cute doll carrier marked down. It holds 1 18in doll, w/pockets for her accessories and a cute little shoulder strap. It's made out of pink plastic, w/a clear front so that you can see the doll. Most of the others that I've seen remind me of coffins or giant shoe boxes.  As you can see the AVON doll is slightly smaller, and-to me- has a plainer face, but that's o.k. We just needed to add some variety to the mix.:-) She also needs a name. Any suggestions?


  1. I'd like to throw "Samantha" into the name pool. What a cute little girl. She's ready for the ski slopes. She has a good look for a cute little folk dress with embroidered apron. Ok.. I'll stop. Didn't mean to put you to work or anything.