Tuesday, March 20, 2012

$7 @ the thrift store

Two dolls for $1.49. Great shape, just need hair and clothes.
This black car for $4 was the best part. it needs a good scrubbing and maybe a coat of gloss acrylic spray. Baby toys for the nursery I might work on.

...and this little random sofa, also for the future nursery.


  1. $7 can easily turn into $700! I never thought I would have to tell someone to stay out of the thrift store... BUT STAY OUT OF THE THRIFT STORE!

    I kid, because you got some good stuff in there for $7 and I know your creative side can not be stifled! It needs to be nurtured and allowed to grow!

    Love ya...

    1. wow you were all over my blog today...thank you*.* now if i can just figure what i'm doing other than spending money, then i might just be onto something:-)