Friday, March 23, 2012

Do you know who my new friend is?

This one is my favorite. She's about 14 in. tall. She has full eyelashes and is articulated at the chest, but not at the waist. She's bald, but she is not a "LIV" doll, since there is no hole in her head, but I'm just assuming she did come w/a wig at some point. I love her bald; however I own enough weave hair to make several wigs at some time in the future*.*
 When I did a "google" search for her, I found so many that looked similar, but she seems closest to the original "MOXIE" doll. I guess she was taller when they first were introduced, where now they look like younger teens.-I don't own one for comparison-sorry. So if you know who she is, please leave me a comment, thanks.


  1. Ya know what?! Once I charge my phone again (should be soon...) I can use Google Googles on her and see if I can help you get a match to see who she was in "another life..." HAHAHA, you know what I mean.

  2. my new "follower" already confirmed she's a moxie:-) but thanks for the offer.