Thursday, April 12, 2012

Interesting Books

I have been sewing since I was a child; Countless generations of skilled tailors, quilters and seamstresses. I just consider myself a quilter and a crafter and clothing construction has never been my strong suit-just ask my kids who have all at one time or another worn "home sewn" clothing of my creation. So when I re-discovered the world of fashion dolls, it seems that they have all been discovered w/o any clothes on.
So making clothing is now my mission. Especially for the males...dresses are easy...jackets etc, even for a doll take a little more thought. So i went on the hunt for patterns and they seem to be a rarer breed that a black ken in a retail store:-) These are 3 of the books I have come up w/so far...

This one was published in 1972 at the genesis of "Barbie Fever". And the author made a point of stating that she intentionally omitted patterns for that doll, since so much was available at that time. The male patterns were intended for a much taller doll than ken, but they are serving as an excellent starting point for me to practice alterations and construction, with very little out of pocket expense. This book was listed on EBAY for over $200- I found it at my local library and will be sad to give it back.

Library find #2 originally published in 1987, and now  is in paper back w/ a blue cover. this one is an old hard cover edition, and does have a "fashion doll" section. but no ken patterns. Nice book.

From my own library. I purchased this new back in in 1998, when I started repainting, w/limiting success, doll faces. This book is the reason my daughter won't give me any of her over 200 barbie dolls currently in storage:-) Imagine coming home from school to dolls with out faces. YIKES-sorry hon*.*
Anyway this book mainly focuses on the doll artists of that decade, I'm going to GOOGLE some of them and see what they're up to now, 14 years later. Wow, OOAK has exploded since then and is now a highly respected art form-I love it.

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