Monday, January 21, 2013

Thrift store finds...all three for $5

I don't usually get into "The Disney Princesses" but for some reason Arial and Jasmine just had to come home w/me:-) I like the paleness of Jasmines make up, but the white eye-shadow on Ariel is coming off  first chance I get. There was also a Cinderella in the bag w/them but she was in terrible shape, so she was "redonated" before I left the store. They have small bodies 10in. "Mattel 2006" ,just like the Tiana I have. It seems that different years they came in a more standard "Barbie" size. Which is fine w/me; after they are washed, restyled and dressed they go to my grand daughters' collection, and I like that they more like girls than WOMEN...ya know what I mean*.*

Madison of the MYSCENE line of dolls is one of my favorites to find. I love her face, except for those blue eyes, which are easy enough to change. After I got her home I noticed she a has a small chip/crack in her neck right below her head. I'm assuming it happened when whoever did this to her hair tried to comb it out. You gotta let the hair be free, that's the beauty of her; that they gave her the most unruly hair they could find. I just use wig or weave spray on it and wash is good w/ a little dab of "cream of nature" shampoo,which I use on my own hair. Leave it braided for a day or so, and BAM big and soft just like i like it. I now have four of these and all of them have slightly different faces- I like the bigger eyes. And this has one much paler make up-luv it*o* 

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