Saturday, February 2, 2013

All this for $5 @ thrift in January

Another Jasmine. And my favorite Madison, someone cut her hair, but I wanted to go short  on her one day anyway:-)

Now this dude was just weird. A ball joint at the waist,held together with a black rubber band no less, hands ready for action and that "look" on his face. How could I leave him there. And man was he dirty...his clothes etc.

His only marking is MATTEL 1977 on his head and made in Taiwan on his body. According to my Google search results @  he is indeed Sport and Shave ken who came w/ a shaver and a tennis racket. Well after reading "It's Muff's" recent post on markers and pens I think this old guy is getting a much needed make over and SOON :-)

This little lady was fully dressed for a little over a dollar. I thought she was a Fashionista , but her arms are not articulated, so now I'm not sure. But her I got her for her clothes and these darling shoes. Doll shoes ain't cheap *o*

And finally...this one I LOVE!!!! Once again, I had to Google her. And according to AMAZON.COM she is part of the Barbie Peace And Love Collectible Series out in 2000. According to the picture on the site, her dress is not original-70"s themed outfit is what she was wearing- but who cares; with that face and that hair. I can see her in something very long, and Victorian, lounging under my tree w/a book  and the the cool winter breeze on her face. BEAUTIFUL.

ps-if any of my info is incorrect, feel free to correct me or add some interesting tid-bits that come from your years of collecting; I love learning about dolls-thanks *.*nyw


  1. Now that's a great bargin for $5! I would have paid that much for the last doll alone.

  2. I know isn't she great. Now I have to research Victorian bridal gowns:-) love your blog, thanks for your comment.