Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Madi #6

She was in a bag w/this LIV doll  for $3. I already have a blond LIV that purchased from Wal-mart  awhile back.  I might just paint her head red. I don't have a red haired one.

This is her first condition and comb out. Her hair was a mess,almost dread locked; which would be a  beautiful style on her, if it wasn't a such a matted mess. She lost so much hair I thought she was going to end up bald. As you can see the surviving hair is in pretty good shape.


  1. hi!i'm from spain and i'm 12 years old i've got my scenes and i love it!sorry for my english...

  2. hi mgf00,
    hope you enjoy doll crafting while you practice your english. you're blog looks great. *,*nyw