Sunday, March 31, 2013

Found High School Musical Dolls @ the thrift

I don't collect them, I just wanted them for their clothing; fully dressed for $3-couldn't pass that up. Then when I got them home and was preparing to sanitize them, I noticed that they sing. At first I felt so ripped off, I didn't want these. And then I realized who they were, and GOOGLE confirmed- Gabriela and Tray: Breaking Free Duet dolls. She's missing a shoe, but they have on original clothing and his still have the factory stitch that holds his 3 piece outfit on. So maybe this will be my first try @ EBAY. They have to be worth something...right? I also got Chad and Sharpay(no picture). I saw a black man and freaked out:-) but he's short-10 1/2 in. so I will just find a new body for him...I guess. Everything I've read on the process has me a little weary of "ken head removable". That crazy neck seems to crack if you look at side ways ;-)

and they both sing.

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