Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No pictures...sorry:-(

I'm trying to learn how to blog from my phone while I travel, but this learning curve is kinda steep:-) Anyway, I finally saw the KENYA dolls in person in a FAMILY DOLLAR store on Leesburg rd, here in Columbia,SC. They were the minis, every complexion. So cute for just $5 each. I was hoping to find the adult males-I'll buy those if i find them. But at least now I know where to look and I can keep my eye out for them. The FD also had a nice selection of AA BARBIE dolls for $5, The S.I.S dolls for $10, as well as FASHIONISTA dolls-also for $10. I was just a run in trip so I didn't purchase anything, but it was nice to see.
In AZ finding of whole shelf of AA dolls is so rare it makes you kinda, shall we say, disappointed, and leave it at that. *.*

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