Friday, May 24, 2013

Since COMIC CON has inspired me this weekend ...

My inspiration...WONDER WOMAN & VIXEN in front of a JUSTICE LEAGUE  poster

Of course, I took a few liberties. But the inspiration is I might have to rename them*-*

I had to cut her long hair, but it so makes the character. She wasn't a "super hero" I was familiar with, but I wanted an African American woman to go w/Wonder Woman and Vixen just jumped out at me from the see of other female and Black males who have been in the comics, but are seldom seen in the main stream. There is a lot of info on Vixen @ Wiki so check it out.*.*

Publication history [edit]

Vixen was one of the first African American female DC superheroes to star in her own series, but the first issue of her series was canceled in the DC Implosionin 1978, never to be released. The story was subsequently printed in Cancelled Comic Cavalcade.
Since her debut in Action Comics, she has primarily appeared in team books, most notably various incarnations of the Justice League and Suicide Squad.
In October 2008, G. Willow Wilson began the new five-issue limited seriesVixen: Return of the Lion.[1][2] from WikipediA

More of my girl just chillin'... 

...until duty calls :-)


  1. Wait - are you saying you made their costumes yourself? If so, AWESOMESAUCE!!!

  2. Love your superheros, especially Vixen. Great job on their costumes!

  3. Thank you so much. I did make both costumes.

  4. They look great. Absolutely love Vixen's hair.