Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still searching for doll stands

This was was on clearance @ MICHAEL'S for $1.99. It has a nice wooded base and says it is for 11 inch dolls.

Good scale, bad fit...but usable

I bought this one a few years ago because the metal part seemed small enough. But is way too short.. She can stand w/it around her legs, especially if she wears a longer dress. Then you can't tell how small the stand is. 


  1. My Michael's had some of those wooden ones but 1) they were more than I wanted to pay and 2) the one I saw was for like a 16 inch doll.

    I think I'm going to keep using the cheap metal ones and get me some wire clothes hangers and make my own wrap around the waist thingy.

  2. that's a good idea. I was going to try 14 gauge wire. Thanks Again*.*