Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thrift store finds and a few projects

Misc. in the bag w/Princess Dresses

Four w/a couple of crowns. Authentic w/the big pink and white "B" Barbie label  inside. Beautiful condition for $1.50.

I think this one is "Chelsea". Looking for another  Madison and found her instead.  I just love the MyScene face. She had the yellow dress (slightly ripped, but fixable) on over her skirt and tee. All for $1.50

These were from another day, bagged together for $1.99. Both in good shape. I now have 4 LIV dolls, and 5 wigs. They are one of favorites to find.

Same dresses, different angle:-) My grand daughter will loose her mind when I give these to her, one at a time; she was just looking lovingly at the multi- princess box in Target for $75.00. Well now all those naked princesses that grandma found @ the thrift and get dressed in style *.*

crazy bottle cap cake:-)


  1. That's a nice haul! I like that you can buy just clothing.

  2. I know those grab are dangerous*o*