Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thrift finds

Madison #13 and LIV doll #5,fully dress, except for no shoes:-D
also misc monster high doll salon pieces and a random little girl doll, I think it was sleep over friends or something like that. My daughter had a bunch of these when she was little. And the heart shaped box they're sitting on, just as a prop. They all are about be take the big dunk and get cleaned and disinfected. Madison will be restyled and dressed, no plans for the rest of it yet. My creative tank has been a little low lately, so I might just pack it up for a little while and pursue other quilting or painting. No biggie; that's how creativity flows,sometimes east and sometimes west. Ya gotta go w/ the flow*,* have fun and enjoy, nyw.


  1. I really do like the Live doll. I understand what you mean about the creativity. I have been sewing doll clothes over her and needed to take a break, don't feel like dealing with the scale.

  2. exactly:-) need to get some fresh ideas. thx Brini.