Monday, May 12, 2014

Well at least I tried

Pattern to I used-Simplicity 4702 first published in 2004
The result:-)
First let me say that I like "owning"  patterns, of all kinds...especially when they are on sale for .99. But I hate using mass produced patterns.I will use one when absolutely necessary, but I ,for the most part draft or adapt my own. the rare exception being 18in doll clothes. those are so big and easy and I make them to be given as gifts, so I try to do as "professional" job as I can. Hey you don't want it fall apart just because a wild child decides to put it on her puppy instead:-)
Anyway, I got the bright idea to make every outfit in this pattern...cra-cra-. I knew I would hate it, but I thought I would stretch myself, try something different;maybe I didn't "really" hate it...OH BUT I DO!!!! The pieces are microscopic; the instructions vague, at best.;the styles out dated and now my floor is covered in scraps of my frustration. Makes me wish I was a drinker*.*
THIS IS THE ONLY ONE I SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED. and I tried several. Somebody tell me why a barbie doll min-skirt needs 3 pieces and a snap-UGH!!! 


  1. Ok I fill you pain!! I have been sewing for barbie and ken lately and yes I have tossed quite a few out. Why all the snaps? I couldn't tell you but I do know this much you do need to take your time. i am making swim trunks for my guys now and the will have elastic waist!!

  2. Sewing on human scale is annoying enough. I can imagine the frustration of doing it at doll level.

  3. Thank you for the much needed solidarity:-) I do so much better w/their clothing when I just improvise my own designs and patterns. then i just have myself to blame:-D