Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finally a "Thrift Fix" and hopefully some inspiration

MyScene Madison-articulated arms and legs-I have never seen that before. Also Chelsea with articulated legs, super cute auburn hair W/blonde highlights. And a "Bratz" doll w/no feet:-(
Just what do you do w/a Bratz doll. Maybe she'll be my first try at a "rebody". I'm a big chicken and would hate to ruin the necks. But the face is probably real easy to repaint...large, round, hard plastic :-D
Close up of faces and bodies. MyScene is my absolute favorite. Followed closely by the LIV that pretty bald head*,*


  1. I haven't come across one with articulated legs either!

  2. I know, I knew it was a good "thrift day" when I found these bagged together. thx Muff :-D