Friday, August 15, 2014

Well now we hit a snag...

Episode #4 used a man's polyester suit, to make something High Fashion, sponsored by Red Robin Restaurant. So, anyway, I don't have any kind of suit to cut up, and I'm not really a designer-I'm just a crafter who likes to dress my fashion dolls. But I do have a very eclectic fabric stash, and I might be able to find some funky polyester. It seems like the designers all "tried" to made something wearable, so I can't treat it Avant Garde. Looks like I'll be watching it again on HULU:-D
Well, that makes my goal just to get something that closely fits the challenge, made before next Thursday's episode*,* Got to get my wheels turning.


  1. Oops, that's a difficult one! I love the lilac jumpsuit (and the hair!) you made for episode 3 :-)

  2. thank you. My daughter asked if she was Tamar Braxton?:-)