Sunday, September 28, 2014

Episode #10- Muse on the Street

For this challenge the contestants had to convince a stranger off the street to get a make over, from MaryKay cosmetics, and to model their garment. So off I go to meet my stranger-at the thrift-and wouldn't know it not a doll to be found. I went to 3 stores in my area and found only raggedy, chewed beyond belief dolls, who were not coming home w/me. So I dug through my box to find a doll I was never going to use, and thought of even donating back to the thrift. And here she is before and after. Her name is Dani and she just arrive in New York, from Los Angeles to meet her fiance's family. She wanted to tone down her party girl look, so she got a new haircut and face re-paint, and a conservative animal print dress. And since Char didn't go home for that terrible, grown -up onsie...I'm safe once again:-D
what's with these tasteless rompers they keep sending down the runway? Just asking*,*

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