Saturday, September 13, 2014

Episode #8-The "Rainway"

This was the "avant garde" challenge...sponsored by the giant, curved TV, but inspired by the wet run way. Using water-proof textiles and a "wow" from every angle.
 It took me 2 1/2 viewings on HULU to fully understand that. And since I didn't want to make the same mistake as Fade w/his TV dress (which I thought was much cuter than Sandhya's circus outfit) Anyway...I let the water be my guide. I used 3 grocery bags; had to find usable area w/no print. and once I really started to cut and handle it, the bags reminded me of those silly rain bonnets that came in their own little pouch when I was a child. Same crinkle and everything:-) I should have painted the pieces BEFORE I assembled them, but  I still like how it came out. Front and back...kinda looks like "the queen of hearts" only yellow. Made me wish I had not recycled those "BEST BUY" bags, this would have been pretty in blue and white. I only had to buy paper, for .97 cents (since my goal is to use only what I have on hand) for the back drop since I couldn't get enough light in my shower to let her stand under the water.
The back.
under water*,*


  1. Wow Nykole, you're so creative! This looks amazing, with the beautiful cuffs and collar, love the pictures too!

    1. thank you...funny what can be done w/a grocerie bag :-D