Monday, September 22, 2014

Episode #9-American Girl Doll

I wasn't able to get my 18in doll out of storage ( I love the faces on the MADAME ALEXANDER dolls-I have 6 in storage), so I used this MOXIE girl I did a repaint on a couple of years ago.
The AMERICAN GIRL doll line is going through a transition so they are re-introducing some of the characters w/modern stories. I felt that the little girl my dress is for would love to read, be artsy and craftsy ; have a vibrant imagination. She would see herself in every girl, and want to explore that world...and then move on. Hey the beauty of being a 12 year old girl:-)
So I used lots of color, w/ a tulle overlay on the skirt and bows on the sleeves. And since Sandyha went home for her big onsey, with snap tape down the back no less, I'm sure I'd be safe. *,*

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