Sunday, October 5, 2014

Episode #11- Highest Bidder

This was one of those infamous team challenges, where the designers had to bid on 5 different storage units. Even though the doors were opened for the bids, they couldn't see everything inside. So I took the liberty of going to the the dollar store for three random items and my "storage unit" contained a pink rag rug, a book cover and some shower scrubbies.
 So I made three dresses. accented w/the scrubbies;which I thought was going to be like tulle, but it is not at all! It's stretchy, and fragile...but you have to "Make it Work":-D
So as my fabric item I made and embellished a fleece coat, trimmed w/the book cover and a little of the scrubbie on the necklace.  I think I would be safe since my girls can walk in their 80's inspired club dresses and my collection tells the story of a girl who likes to party.
I was surprised that Korina went went home, but it was her hubris that sent her home, not her lack of talent...just my 2 cents*,* 


  1. Very good job, the outfit on the left is my favorite, but I like them all 3 :-) !

    1. thank you so much...this was harder then I thought it would be...but so much fun:-D