Saturday, October 11, 2014

Episode #12-FASHION WEEK-Who's in & Who's out

Fashion inspired by the streets of New York City. So in my mind it's Autumn, and getting cold back's still 90 degrees I imagine my girl wearing a belted sweater dress over a cute skirt with boots. And her oversized purse to carry her life in.You never know what you may need or when or where:-)
So this episode was a shock...AGAIN...since Chaketa is going to FASHION WEEK, and Emily went home for doing the same thing that Amanda has been praised for doing; making what she likes and what is true to her aesthetic. They loved her sweater coat and still, they sent her home...whaaa? So anyway, I'm kind of scared to say I'm "safe". Maybe I'm the "back-up" designer, the wild card to throw off the paparazzi :-D
It's going to be a 2 part finale, so I might have time to make 12 looks, but that's a lot... I'll just see what direction my creativity takes me and I just might see you @ FASHION WEEK*,*  

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