Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Girls say "Thank You" for making this a fun experiment *,*

This was going to be part of my collection-assorted coats inspired by the "Rainway" challenge.  I'm not as surprised that Sean won PR this time, as I am that Char made it that far. She seems like a very stylish and creative designer,but like Heidi said-not quite ready-but hey she did make it to fashion week.

So now off to find new fire for my imagination. I was hoping the new PR show "THREADS" would be interesting. But I wasn't impressed. It's kid designers, who participate in weekly challenges, each week has a different group of tweens. It seemed to me that not only the participants, but also the target audience, maybe that age. It was a cute diversion to add to my HULU queue. Hopefully it will get better, but for now I'm still searching for inspiration...thx again...NYW *,*


  1. Hi Nykole, the ladies all look fabulous! You did an amazing job, it was fun and interesting to see your creations, I really enjoyed it :-). xx

  2. Anytime Ladies!!! Keep the inspiration coming!!