Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thrift Store Splurge

I think the man is a "real" GI JOE since he has HASBRO on his bottom. He's in good shape,w/boots and gloves for hands. Mulan is well played with, and her kimono is very worn on the back; I couldn't tell that the way she was bagged. So I paid $2.99 for her, but that's o.k. Once she gets a good dip and hair redo, she'll be pretty as ever.
Comparison of my two Mulan's. Open smile Mulan is 11 inches tall and is on a fully articulated body. New Mulan has hip length hair...hopefully it all survives a good brushing :-D and has a standard 10 inch "princess" body.
Face smile vs "Geisha" face *,*


  1. You can tell good man if he has Hasbro on his butt!!! Lol :D

    Pretty Mulan!

    1. u so funny:-D thanks for the giggle-*,*