Friday, December 19, 2014

Check out what I found...and had to leave @ the thrift store today:-(

A whole tribe of BRATZ dolls. Oh my...I don't even collect them. But seeing so many, fully dressed- shoes/feet and all. And look at her ice skates...I had to call my daughter for the strength to just walk away. Had to take this picture so that I could share my sorrow- I know boo whoo but you have to admit the boys are cute. Just not in the budget right now. Especially since I do collect MY SCENE dolls, and I found three more "Madisons" and a new face I don't know. (Pictures up soon). I love the thrift store...sometimes*,*


  1. Hi Nykole, good that you walked away, I know exactly what you went through :-D! I must admit that the ice skates would have been VERY tempting for me too!

    1. thank you Night owl, so you've been there too :-D it's fun but it's hard.

  2. All dressed and with shoes too?! I wouldn't have wanted to leave them either.