Monday, December 1, 2014

Colin and Karren

So the story was going to be about this family that opens a school and the adventures that ensue...really adventures? Nope.
I was married for a while, so domestic life doesn't fascinate me, I lived it, no need for the dolls to suffer...laugh w/me :-)  I don't want to build a "house". Kitchens and bathrooms have so much detail, that if done poorly-just not cute, ya know? And kids at play, not-so-much ;-p I already made a preschool/daycare full of all the babies I've found at thrift stores all over Arizona-old post-not doing any version of that again.
 I have built one High School class room with the desks I found at the thrift-super cute. Just have to take a picture that does it justice.
And my two little girls (Amari and Alexandria,the baby) match "MYSCENE" Madi  perfectly, and I have 13 of those. So teen life awaits.
Long list of "what I'm not going to do", now I need a list of what I am going to do...right?
The bare bones exist, but no meat. Gotta have steak w/the sizzle.
For now, I'll just try to take lots of pictures until they tell a story, all by themselves...that's how that works(chuckle in my head). At least the process is a fun challenge, and who doesn't like dressing,redressing and posing the posse *,* thx again,


  1. Hi Nykole! I love what your guy is wearing! Have fun with taking the pictures and dressing the dolls :-)

  2. Thx, I loved them as a couple, and now as a family. you're so encouraging Night Owl...thank you :-D