Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dollar Tree finds

Well, Dollar Tree says it all. The quality is not great, but there are some things I can use.
1. The doll outfit is poorly made and very small. The sleeve started to tear off as I  tried to put my petite Jasmine princess into it. Maybe a Bratz or MH might fit. The shoes and purse work and can be painted.
2. The table, chairs and accessories are all a strange scale , but repainted they will work for Kelly in the nursery.
3. The doll with the table set is very poor quality. Bald in the center wearing a dress practically made of paper.  But as a mannequin she might work. And on a positive note, with a little effort Kelly can fit the shoes.
4. The plastic insert that displayed the dress is going to look great as a dressform.
$2  I'm not mad I spent☺. Thx again 💕


  1. Congrats on your bargain finds. New stuff is nice to have.

  2. That little table is cute.